Holstud Offers Totilas’ Frozen Semen for 2021 Breeding Season
The Dutch equine reproduction center Holstud announces that there is still a certain amount of semen available of the superb stallion Totilas, who passed away untimely on 14 December 2020.

Totilas lives on in his offspring. The legendary black stallion has proven his worth as a breeding stallion with numerous of his offspring now reaching Grand Prix level. His son Total Hope won the 2019 Nurnberger Burgpokal for Developing Prix St Georges horses in Germany.

Totilas has sired numerous licensed sons – Toto Jr, Tolegro, Total U.S., Total Hope, Top Gear, Governor, Trafalgar, Topas, King Karim, Konig, Gaudi SSF, Timolin, Mansion, Total McLaren, and many more – and therefore makes a valuable choice as sire for your mare.

Frozen Semen at Holstud
In 2010, when this black pearl conquered the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, a considerable amount of Totilas’ semen was collected at Holstud in The Netherlands.

This frozen semen is of the highest quality, as shown in 2011 when more than 90% of the mares who were bred to Totilas produced healthy foal(s).

“The collection during that time frame was quite simple due to the fact that Holstud and Totilas were stationed at the same location,” said Holstud’s Jorgen van der Holst. “From the moment of the collection until the present day this Totilas semen has always been under the careful supervision of Holstud.”

Research has shown that the sperm from 2010 is still of pristine quality.

Breed to Totilas in 2021
After further evaluation of the situation and because of the high value of Totilas’ semen, the owner and Holstud have made the decision that the semen will only be available through the ICSI fertilization process.

This week, the terms and conditions as well as the price,will be disclosed.

All information will be provided by Holstud.

Totilas Holstud
Totilas Holstud
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Totilas Holstud
Totilas Holstud

Horse of a lifetime

The legendary Totilas sadly passed away at the end of 2020, a decade after he became Dressage’s biggest – and most expensive – star through his formidable partnership with Edward Gal.

The Dutch Warmblood black stallion had been assessed as “something special” as early as 2008, when just eight years old. By 2010 he had completed a clean sweep of prizes at that year’s FEI World Equestrian Games™, and he looked certain to be the favourite for the Olympic Games two years later.

However, his controversial world-record sale for around €10m at the end of 2010 meant an acrimonious split from Gal and the Dutch national team. After relocating to Germany, a series of frustrating injuries meant he would never again reach the triple-gold heights of Lexington.

Here we look back at an equestrian star who fleetingly shone so bright… 

What was Totilas’ background?

Born in 2000, Totilas was bred by Jan Schuil and Anna Schuil-Visser in Broecksterwald, the Netherlands. His Trakehner sire was Gribaldi, who had achieved success with Gal, and the dam was Lominka, of Glendale’s line.

In 2005, Dutch rider Jiska van den Akker showed the five-year old at the FEI World Breeding Championships™ for Young Horses, where Totilas was placed fourth.

He was soon acquired by Dutch owner Cees Visser for investment company Moorland, and he linked up with Gal from 2006. They competed together for the first time in 2008, with Gal already confident about the young stallion’s potential. “He has an incredible amount of talent; it’s simply a pleasure to ride him,” Gal said at the time.

British Dressage star Carl Hester recently revealed how he had seen Totilas performing with Gal before he was even a Grand Prix horse and within minutes his jaw was on the floor! “I was talking about him for days afterwards,” Hester said.

totilas holstud

What where his major achievements?

Gal and Totilas first caught the attention at Aachen in 2008 where they won the small tour classes, but nothing could have prepared anyone for 2009. The pair won the Dutch national championships and then broke the world record at Hickstead. At that year’s FEI European Dressage Championships in Windsor they shattered the world record again, with Gal and many spectators in tears as a score of 90.750% breached the 90% mark for the first time.

In December 2009, at the fourth leg of the 2009-10 FEI Dressage World Cup™ series at Olympia, they extended their world record in GP Freestyle to 92.300%, more than 10 points above the second-place finisher.

Their domination knew no bounds. In 2010 they won the FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final in ‘s-Hertogenbosch by seven points. Anyone who watched could not forget the bounce of the half passes, the extended walk and canter.

Afterwards, Gal hailed Totilas’ performance but was already making plans for that year’s FEI World Equestrian Games™ in Kentucky.

They became the first partnership to win three world titles at a single Dressage championship when helping win Team gold and then dominating both the Grand Prix Special and Freestyle in Kentucky. The pair faced a tough test in securing Team gold after the elimination of Adelinde Cornelissen and gelding Jerich Parzival, but a score just short of their world record was enough.

The pair were on top of the world!

At just 10 years old, one might have expected Totilas to dominate with Gal for years to come. However, in October of 2010 it was announced that German breeder Paul Schockemöhle had purchased Totilas for an undisclosed sale price estimated by some reports to be around €10m.

The Dressage world was shocked. Gal was “absolutely devastated,” and it was reported at the time that he would consider switching nationality to Germany simply to continue with his partner.

Ultimately, Totilas teamed up with Matthias Alexander Rath. Together they helped Germany to Team silver at the 2011 FEI European Championships but did not medal individually.

London 2012 was the next big target, but their hopes were dashed when Matthias developed glandular fever. A long list of injuries followed for Totilas, although several impressive wins at major shows such as Aachen and Hagen were recorded.

A Team bronze at the 2015 Euros was the final podium for Totilas before his retirement in late 2015 due to bone inflammation in his left hind hoof.

What about his personality?

Totilas undoubtedly had natural talent, but Gal also hailed his intelligence and calm nature.

He once said: “You just say, now pirouette and turn and he starts doing it and it’s so easy with him. Most of the things are easy with him. In the arena, when there is a lot happening, at the prize giving, you can let him walk normal and he just stands there, and when you want him to do something, he immediately reacts, and that is good.”

Totilas’ relationship with Gal was described by the latter’s groom, Vanessa Ruiter: “Totilas looked for Edward the whole day, and Edward adored him. He really loved Edward. If he heard him, he’d prick his ears and look around for him. It was really special.”

Totilas was adored by Dressage fans the world over, and his unique style and personality often generated an emotional response from spectators.

Totilas Holstud

What have people said about Totilas?

Totilas was a much sought-after breeding sire for most of his life, and this became the focus after his retirement from competition. One of his offspring, GLOCK’s Toto Jr, recently won the Dutch national championships with none other than Edward Gal and is considered a contender for future top honours. He was recently our Horse of the Month.

In his retirement, Totilas would happily wander in the paddock and was regularly ridden by co-owner Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff.

Totilas sadly passed away on December 14, 2020, aged 20, due to complications following colic surgery.

Just over 10 years after their legendary partnership had come to an end, an emotional Gal said: “Heaven has a new star today, but my heart is broken. Rest in peace, Totilas. You will always be remembered.

Together with you I experienced happiness and even grief. Time passed by and wounds healed, but my lofe for you lasts forever.

You honoured me with your trust. You were my friend.

My condolences to Matthias and all who had the chance to work or live with this exceptional stallion. And my thoughts to all of you who loved him. Goodbye, my friend. I will miss you until we meet again. “

“Twenty years is far too early. He wasn’t that old yet,” said a distraught Matthias Alexander Rath.

His death was announced at the start of what would have been Olympia week, and 11 years after his incredible performance in London, the likes of Carl Hester, Richard Davison and Nick Brooks-Ward paid their tributes in a video.

Source: https://www.fei.org/stories/sport/dressage/horse-lifetime-totilas

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl said: “I feel like all the people who were allowed to spend time with Totilas, especially the Linsenhoff/Rath family. But also Edward Gal. I was able to get to know Totilas personally and with his wonderful manner he remains a very big one in all of our hearts.”

“Totilas was quite simply one of the greatest horses the world has ever seen,” said Brooks-Ward, considered the voice of Olympia.

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